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On the 1st, patience could be the best solution to a problem. You must solve the problem quickly. On the 2nd and 3rd, things could not be going better. On the 8th, you're all business. On the 12th, romance wants in. On the 16th and 17th, exercise your nonattachment skills. On the 21st, try a new restaurant -- the more exotic, the better. By the 27th, you need to be patient again. On the 31st, go out dancing.


On the 1st and 2nd, go ahead and take a risk. But don't forget thinking about the risk. On the 7th, somebody could lose their calm. Don't get too heated up over it. On the 8th and 9th, Cupid is targeting his arrows your way. Stand still long enough. You'll make an excellent aim! On the 13th, compromise is the most important thing you can do right now. The 17th is the day you get what you want to enjoy it. On the 22nd, a good friend could give a great secret. The 26th and 27th are charmed. You feel great and success. On the 29th, trust your instincts.


On the 1st and 2nd, your focus is on work and doing a lot of interesting things in your workplace. You're in a fantastic position to get the benefits. On the 6th, one of your hidden talents comes out. By the 9th, keep your eyes out for any signs. On the 15th, a call from overseas could bring some surprising news and interesting things. By the 20th, you and a good friend have make a plan for work or personal. On the 25th, your energy draws people your way. By the 30th, you're ready to start the month with some good, old-fashioned teamwork.


This month is tackle emotional problems the moment you become aware of them and keep your eyes open so you can know them earlier. On the 3rd, it looks like you did something right, because there's a lot of romance coming with you. On the 7th, don't be greedy for getting something. On the 13th, your boss is unhappy. Doní»t fight your boss for staying out of trouble. On the 18th and 19th, your patience will pay off if you have enough of it in time. On the 23rd and 24th, your ability could be more on target than you think. On the 20th and 21st, your animal attractive gets you just about forget unhappy thing. On the 25th, business looks good and efficient. On the 30th, let your fantasy go a long time!


On the 1st, let your imagination take over. Your rational mind has been going a mile a minute, lately take a break. There's a lot of power in that mystery within you. On the 3rd, your keyword is 'service.' As you set about helping out, don't forget to include yourself on the list of people to help! Then, on the 8th and 9th, try to give up a little bit of control. On the 13th, your motto is 'service with a smile'. It comes to your loved ones. On the 17th and 18th, any romance that involves you is going to be hot! Get out your fan. By the 21st, trust your instincts and thinking. On the 26th, go ahead for redecorate. Finally on the 31st, your flexibility comes to rescue you.


On the 1st, you doní»t greedy because have problem happened. By the 5th, let your dreams turn into overseas adventures and real. Maybe it's time for you to figure out how and when to take up sailing. If time is a big issue, you can always practice with a newspaper boat on the local pond for testing. On the 9th, you are totally on point when it comes to the details, so plan an plan carefully. The 14th and 15th, are all about regeneration and you're radiant. By the 22nd, you'll be dealing with a problem at home. Don't let an unnecessary mistakes spoil your day on the 27th, but on the 30th, read the small print and catalogs.


On the 1st,you can make very bright future when it comes to business schemes and the realization of financial dreams. Be sure to take a few moments to enjoy all of the action! On the 5th, your boss will be getting on your nerves in a major way. This is a situation you're going to have to deal with, so try to keep feeling of boss. The 7th is a great day to plan a surprise barbecue party to celebrate with friends. Then, on the 11th, you can do lots of things right. The 16th, a business deal will come to a conclusion. Around the 21st, you'll really want to get creative with a partner to get information or lifestyle. The 25th you must keep an open mind. The 30th is a good time to get what you want in your life. End the month on the 31st you gain some energy, but plenty of time to let loose later.


On the 1st, it is a good chance to see your boss. You must go surfing and to look the Internet for data on the latest online marketing tools for the boss. The 5th, try to stay aware of all of your options. Around the 10th and 11th, you should double and triple check the details of any risky propositions. They may turn out to be good bets, but you don't want to jump in blind of your job. The 15th and 16th, new ideas will provide great food for thought of project. On the 21st, be patient and alert. On the 26th, try you best to let go and do. You can't control absolutely everything all the time! As the month ended, share a very special secret or experience with a very special someone.


On the 1st, You must take a long, hard look at a couple of the big issues you are dealing with right now. Have you thought through all the pros and cons of that business deal? Can that decision to make? By the 4th and 5th, all things will past. You're in great shape, and enjoying every moment of this day. The 9th and 10th, any ideas you implement and will lead to big compliments later on. The 16th and 17th may find you itching for a fight. Don't you think express at the gym? On the 22nd and 23rd, stop trying to control everything such as you decide to treat your boss to lunch to your personal relationships which will benefit from your ability to sit back and go with the flow. On the 28th and 29th, a little patience will go a long way, and a lot will get you even further. Don't rush things. Finally, on the 30th, celebrate! It is a perfect day for it and for you.


On the 1st and 2nd, you will get what you want. You're feeling good, looking great, and everybody wants to be your friend. Around the 7th, your boss will be in a good mood and it's a great time to ask for a promotion or a raise of salary. You don't be shy about speaking up that gets the holiday bonus. By the 12th, you're ready to let a little romance and plan a special date for you and your favorite activity partner. On the 16th, put your personal relationships first and you're always thinking about work Then, around the 20th, you need to try to give up a little bit of control. But you can't be in charge all the time! On the 25th, spend the day planning for whole day. On the 30th, be careful with a proposition that sounds too good to be true.


On the 1st, if somebody comes your way peddling something, just makes no darn sense and say no. Why? It is because it is too good to be true, and going along with their scheme won't be good for you. On the 5th and 6th, problems at home could disturb you at work. On the 10th, a conflict could happened and turn ugly fast, so stay out of it. On the 15th and 16th, try not to be a controlling, angry monster! Tap into your charming side and change it. On the 21st, a detail could get you down. Nothing can get you down on the 26th, when things are going this great and wonderful. On the 30th, be innovative in working. You'll be well rewarded for you efforts with your boss.


People will pay back what you have done to them. You give them a smile, they also pay back you a smile. On the 7th, there are a advice to you, see the dentist before it become worst. On the 13th, be sure to ask for what you want. Be kind to a stranger on the 17th. You could make a big decision on the 26th be confidence on it. Is the time right for an emotional risk? On the 29th, is the time to clear up any misunderstandings. Tap into your dreams on the 31st -- then make them a reality!

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