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Use your new year energy well, you can go hiking, go out and have a gang chat, or whatever out there that suit your mood today; you can also save up all your energy just staying at your own house resting. On the 5th itĄ¯s you that is the most important today, whether to do anything, think of yourself first. On the 10th, spend wisely; you donĄ¯t want to be empty pocketed before the month run out. On the 16th and 17th, you may use your charm today, it seemed like you are so charming to someone around you. By the 22nd and 23rd, you may have some mood to be spending your money these days. So be it, pampered yourself a little. On the 28th, offer your helping hand, you are the most precious to them now that you help them out. You will like to enjoy your night alone in your room on your cozy bed after all day work.


If you are really chocked by all those bad stuff around you, stand up to your own feet and shake them loose. Try treating yourself good, and be happy. By the 6th financial may be a problem on this day, pay close attention to where you are using your money. Spend it or lend it. Weight the options. On the 11th, you may be late, but after all your rushing, late is better than never, try not to rush, you will end up with toothpaste still in your mouth! On the 15th, there may be some bugs flying you again, try ignore them, they are just bugs after all, they can do you no harm. On the 21st and 22nd, plan, plan something big, let your future to be in such big piece of your life, plan them to shine all your life. On the 27th, make sure you are ready for what may come next that you had planned. End your month with some hot and nice bath, after a long day work, you are suiting for it.


If you are feeling unease staying at home, but you still too reluctant to go out and socialize with others, ask yourself this. What's going to be better for me? Staying in? Or fighting the feeling and going out? Trust yourself to make a decision thatĄ¯s wise and suitable for you. On the 4th and 5th, recognize the different opinion in your work, allow them to speak their views and try making something new that can let both be secured. On the 9th, stay cool and steady, no one can hurt you when you are so clear of the situation. On the 13th, let the side that was hidden when working be out and work your steps in the dance floor, you will be pleased. On the 17th, make your decision later, but first, think of it and be sure your decision its worth. On the 21st and 22nd, look around, be careful of your situation; donĄ¯t let your back be the spot where people can hurt you. By the 26th and 27th, treat something good to yourself, you deserved it. When was the last time you took yourself out to dinner? End the month, on the 31st, stay at house and have rest, or walk out and have fun. ItĄ¯s yours to think about it.


This new month is so in need of you again, you are so impressively calm and cool compare to those around you, they are all just too busy and overheated. They are in need of you again, who do you think they can turn to when they need help. On the 3rd, you are having some great energy inside your body, share them, and let your loved one get what you have. On the 7th, have fun, enjoy, need not to think twice, act! By the 11th and 12th, news thatĄ¯s so exciting are coming out from everywhere, enjoy them! On the 18th, rest awhile, try some exercise that can slow down your breath, you may just feel not right at this moment, so rest up. On the 23rd, itĄ¯s time you treat yourself some good stuff again, is it great to be outdoor? On the 26th, decision time again; itĄ¯s all up to you to be in great mood or to be in worst mood. On the 30th, help someone thatĄ¯s less fortunate than you, they are somewhere around you, just let your eye to meet them.


You will do a lot of good stuffs to everyone around you, talk to them, help them out, be friendly with them. Everyone will be just lit up by your speech; this is a very special day that you glow so bright and somehow affects people around you. By the 5th, maybe they will be some creative that had well hidden will pop out of your mind; let your imagination roam freely. The 10th and 11th, it's time to make sure you can really afford all the extravagant gestures you've been planning to make. If you can, go for it! If not, plan something a little less costly. On the 14th, itĄ¯s time! Talk it out, communication is the solution. On both the 20th and 21st, be really caution at how your life is turning, do not mess up both private and public life of yours. Confusing these two right now will do you exactly no good at all. On the 25th and 26th, donĄ¯t be too serious about your friends letting off everything at hand, they need to live their life, not yours. Finally, on the 31st, turn your attention to another place where you may have neglect for so long, your domestic stuffs.


You will be so welcomed to any party on this special day. On this first of the month, just present you may change the whole soiree, of course, you are here to make it become so much more interesting, not to be a spoiler. By the 4th and 5th, social and social, your calendar is full; itĄ¯s all party and invitations. Attend to some of them, but do not tire yourself too much, and be really careful with your diet, there are no good for you to just drink wine and beer all along. By the 10th, you will need to pay your attention to some tiny little bites of your life. Do you need some new socks? Or a new pant? Try getting yourself to that unimportant stuff, you will feel real great afterwards. The 15th itĄ¯s time finally for you to rest, grab your chance and spend your night on your cozy bed! On the 20th, a problem show up in your work, attend to it as soon as possible. On the 26th, be nice to your boss. Maybe a few more invitations to you are how to end your month on the 30th.


Enjoy your summer! This month will be like you are facing many choices at hand, think about it. ItĄ¯s all yours to make a decision, many decisions, what are those questions you may encounter with? Whose party shall I attend, how should I suit myself into the party, and what outfit should I wear? This will be your day man, who is the boss? You are the boss of yourself. On the 5th plan something, your future is worth spending your time to plan it out. Then on the 9th, life is but an act on theater, donĄ¯t be too stressed and upset about life. The world is still bright and full of chances. On the 12th, signing some paper maybe an easy job, but when itĄ¯s someone who trying to get your signature and you somehow gave them without hesitation, you may be meeting some catastrophe of life. On the 16th, things maybe in two extreme, great or worst, itĄ¯s all up to you to decide. On the 21st, you are thinking to do some big thing, but you dare not, here is some tips, listen to your hear, and work what your heart is telling you to, believe in yourself. Then on the 25th, try to calm down, the person maybe just a small bug in your life, why make yourself so angry about him/her. The 31st, you are acting a little bit too much in life, too aggressive, is that your true nature?


On this very first of month, bigger is better for you. Try buying everything is big size, I meant those really big one. If you are interested in buying stuff like umbrella, buy the biggest one on sale, if you are going to have a meal, buy yourself those all-you-can-eat ticket and go in and stuck yourself with food. And you will be in luck soon. By the 5th and 6th you will need to look around your household area, there may be something or somewhere spoilt, you should repair them and make some effort to your house, tidying your house maybe a good choice to make. Around the 10th and 11th, social life maybe important, but you need to work and you need more rest, or your work might be affected. And do make sure your home is the last and best haven when you are back from work and social life. If you are still feeling imbalance in your life, try and rearrange your priorities. By the 15th and 16th, be specific in how you are spending your money, you will want to save them well. The 21st, have a really good lunch at one of the restaurant you long wanted to go, bring along someone too, itĄ¯ll help boosting your career. On the 26th, believe in what you believe, and your way will be clear and easy for you to walk. The 30th day of the month is a great day for you to build up your confidence to face one of those you admired for long.


Start your month with caution, do not try something just because they are new, analysis and critical thinking is needed. The first and second of this month maybe a little bit of work for you, but itĄ¯s all necessary, for you donĄ¯t want your things be in trash bin just because you miss some simple but important things. Then, on the 7th, treat yourself a very nice day, you deserved it, love the day and enjoy it. By the 13th and 14th, trust yourself, whatĄ¯s in your mind maybe so right that it shock you, but do trust yourself. Do not attempt something that your mind say no to, if your mind tell you to go for it, then go for it, trust yourself! On the 19thsomeone may misinterpret what you are trying to tell, so be patient to explain your words all over again. The 23rd is a perfect day for a new beginning. And on the 27th, an urge to reconnect with your old mates, relatives is in you, find their names out and make a call, join them or chat with them. The 28th and 29th are days for you to have fun with, be ready and enjoy these days with heart thatĄ¯s wide open. On the 30th, today may be a day where you will be more vulnerable, so be really careful and pay full attention at whatĄ¯s going around you.


Do not make decisions so officially yet, you may have some doubts and uncertainty in your new partnerships or relationship. Maybe you need some more time to judge or to know them. Take your time and be patient, maybe you are doing just right. Around the 6th and 7th, you will need a little balance in your life, try and work it out in a gym room or some sports to build your muscles and stamina. And all of a sudden, your unsolved problems will be solved as easily as ABC. On the 13th and 14th, be brave and be logic, you are what you are, do not be looked down by some powerful figures! By the 18th, maybe you will need to bring wit you your pocket dictionary so that you can avoid from being misinterpreted. Then on the 22nd, go as you wish, your room, your car, they are there for you to have fun with, why not just paint them in pinky pink? On the 27th try relaxing yourself, donĄ¯t pile up everything just because they are all so in rush. On the 30thhave some smooth and delightful food, sweet maybe a very good choice, but still, care your diet.


The first day of this month will be very good for you to nurture yourself, say yes when you feel right, say no when you donĄ¯t feel right, it's alright after all, to take good care of yourself, and be selfish a little bit, so be it! On the 5th and 6th, try helping your friends as much as you can even it involve something from you. Play it cool on the 9th when tempers flare in the afternoon. On the 14th, be clear in whatever you are up to, do not let your worker or co-worker misunderstand you. Make a plan on the 20th. Any plans that you can think of, just plan them, everything is propitious! On the 23rd watch out where you may be stepping, beware of whatĄ¯s hidden underneath! Be good to yourself, treat yourself a nice day on the 27th. Balance it up, have some nice food, a good night dream and a great workout, itĄ¯ll do you just fine, remember, last of this month is about balancing.


This first day is a good day to you. You will feel everyone is same boat with you, to help accomplish your work. On the 3rd, try something new in your work, everyone will stand up and really praise what you had did! On the 9th and 10th, take your time and listen to others who has giving you a good idea. Be careful when it comes to new projects on the 20th; take this opportunity to perform well. On the 23rd, emotions are intense. Find balance on the 28th. On the 31st, have a great nigSht out with friends!

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