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Prepare yourself for a truly excellent beginning to the New Year, starting on the 1st. On 4th and 5th, you're still feeling good. Could that be because you've done such a lot of work to figure out who you are and what you really want? On 10th, it's high time you tried something new. Whether it's making sushi at home or bungee jumping, taking a risk adds spice to your life. On 14th, somebody in your life wants to talk relationships. By the 18th and 19th, you're in a better position to judge whatever it was they had to say and ascertain just where you're at when it comes to what they want. On 23rd, join a rowing team or a cycling club. By the 29th, finish the month with a new financial plan.


If you're having a little attack of sad energy on the 1st, don't waste a lot of time trying to pretend your blahs don't give you the blues. On 5th, your good vibes are drawing some real attention from a real attention-getter. Yes, that cutie is looking your way, and it's because they want to go out on a date with you. On the 10th and 11th, it's all about relationships. At home, at work, over sushi you're digging deep, whether you want to or not. On the 16th and 17th, don't get in the middle of doesn't really involve you. On 21st, deal with those nagging details. Your appreciation is cranked up to super high on the 23rd and 24th .On 29th, take a hot, soothing bath.


Your mood could be a little contentious on the 1st. Maybe you're brooding one minute and stormy and teary eyed the next. On 4th, put on your fun shoes and your fun hat and your best mittens you're about to have the most fun ever. And you definitely want to be dressed for it. By the 9th, you're thinking less about fun and more about commitment. On 11th, dress your best and you'll be the best-dressed there. On 16th, get together with friends at night. On 21st and 22nd, flirtation will get you everywhere. Enjoy it! By the 29th, don't despair if you're feeling a little moody again. Use this downtime to reflect seriously on where you're in life. On 31st, you end the month on a very romantic note!


There's romance in the air on the 1st. So be sure to slow down, look around and take a deep breath. There's nothing like springtime for bringing out the best in you! On 3rd, roll with the unexpected changes that happen in your schedule. There's nothing you can do to change these things, but you can make them work for you, not against you, as long as you maintain the right attitude. On 8th, spend the day doing something cultural. On 13th and 14th, spend time with people you find inspiring it could be a revelatory experience for you. On 19th, things are going great. On 23rd and 24th are great days to get a new project off the ground. On 26th, some blue feelings could get you down. Chalk it up to the strain of the season changing and take a nap. On 30th, end the month with an effort to make somebody else's life a little bit more beautiful.


On 1st, there's really no point in forcing yourself to do things that u dislike. On 4th and 5th, you should look for calm, go and seek it. The 9th, your route is blocked, again. So turn your attention to the people around your surroundings, once again. On 11th, get together with your friends. They can be your greatest asset. On 16th, you are the object of romantic interest from all sides. On 21st, your mind is sharp and your ideas are even sharper. Don't cut anybody with that thing. On 26th, try something new. On 31st, be as kind as you can be .Somebody will really, really appreciate it.


Enjoy yourself on the 1st, but watch out for consume too much unhealthy food. If you're still hungry after all, you can hit the creamy stuff in moderation. This is the month for you to learn about balancing enjoyment in your life. On 5th, you're going to stay cool, even if something goes awry in your routine, and on the 10th, remember, sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something wrong. Take time out if you need it. On 16th and 17th find your extremely expressive feeling. By the 24th, you're ready to find harmony in brand new places. Then wrap up the month on 29th with more of that balanced decadence.


If there's one word that describes your energy on the 1st, that word is good and can make you feel happy. On 3rd, open your eyes and start searching. You will found that is someone needs your help in your department. On 8th and 9th, you can't go wrong, and on 13th and 14th, your innate idealism will lead you to make some very inspired business choices. By the 19th, its high time you let your creativity on work and personal life. On the 23rd and 24th, don't be too quick to jump ship on a relationship you think is going badly. Then, on 28th, do something that you've never seen, done, touched, tasted or smelled before. End the month on 31st by focusing on the bigger picture.


Get together with your friends on 1st. Plan a picnic or a hike. On 3rd, something may be telling you that you forgot to drop something off. On 8th, if you have a choice between 'selfish' and 'shellfish,' put your own needs aside and go to the family gathering. By the 12th, a potential bad mood you felt coming will blow over before it even gets started. Breathe deep and enjoy to release. Then, on the 18th, a small problem could give you a big headache but only if you let it. Roll with the punches and you'll be fine. On 24th, it's time for you to give out opinion that is in your mind. On 29th, get creative, but come the 30th, don't forget to clean your room.


The 1st and 2nd are going to be your kind of days. There may be good kissing. On 5th is a great day to make some changes. By the time 9th comes, you finally notice just how they really are when the things at home don't feel balanced. More importantly, perhaps it's time to talk about what ever has been festering between you and your cohabitants for sometime now? Ah-ha! Better now? On the 14th, do what you can to help out a friend in aesthetic need. Whether they need a new haircut or different jacket, put it to them gently, but firmly. By the 20th, you're a pro when it comes to communicating. On 25th,be hardworking in your work. On the 30th, get ready to sort out a business issue.


On the 1st and 2nd, it's time to focus on putting yourself first. By the 4th, you're ready to express your feelings more openly than ever before. Then, around the 9th, some serious romance will be cruising your way. By the 14th, you're ready to really focus in on what's going wrong and what's going right in one of your intimate relationships. On 18th, your energy is high and your attitude is excellent. Around the 22nd, the details aren't going to be as important as the big picture, so look at things as globally as you can. By the 26th, things could not be going better, and you could not be looking better. Don't be shocked when a gaggle of admirers makes itself known to you. On 30th, look for balance, both at home and at work.


On the 1st, don't let anybody rain on your parade. If somebody calls you an idealist, ignore their sneer and take it as a compliment. On the 5th and 6th, you finally notice just how cute they really are when a kindred spirit shows up with a new hair. You'll feel best in a group situation on 11th and 12th. Whether related to work or social, make sure your activities are involved in a crowd. On 14th, you're ready for new experiences. By the 18th, you've achieved a certain advisor in chief status. People are coming to you with all kinds of problems, from 'what career path should I choose?' to 'how do I know if they're the one?' Try to help them. On 23rd, you win. It feels great! Get idealistic again on the 27th and 28th.


Beginning the month, you'll sense relief in the air. You will find yourself embroiled in a pretty exciting romance. You are a smooth operator, this month! On the 10th, being overly possessive is not the best way to show your love for and appreciation of someone. On the 15th, stay focused on the big picture, think out of the box. You could receive a very lovely holiday present on the 20th. Is it a good time to enjoy. On the 25th, try to push beyond a few of your old emotional limitations.

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