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On 1st you're surrounded by your friends and the feeling is good. There's romance in the air and a feeling of contentment in your heart. You feel that all of your deepest emotional needs are being met. On the 2nd and 3rd, don¡¯t be afraid of your boss or work. Is your boss looking out for your best interests? Don't be afraid to face whatever truths present them to you. On 8th, it's time to you follow through on your health resolutions. On 12th, don't be tempted by a proposition that looks 14-carat but could turn out to be fool's gold. By the 17th, it's time to finish what you started, whether it's a kissy makeup session with a partner or a kiss-and-tell breakup or a career wakeup call. On 21st, you start a new initiative, and it promises fantastic results down the road. On 27th, buy new computer equipment if you need it. End the month with a hot dinner date which you like.


Starting 1st and 2nd and continuing all month long, there's plenty of kissing in the cards for you. Be prepared to take action. By the 6th, you and your honey bear could clash. Try not to let this put too much of a damper on your kissing. After all, cautious can be very healthy. On 12th and 13th, it's time to focus on work. Try to put romance out of your mind -- at least until Valentine's Day. On the 17th, your intuition is right on, so listen to it. On 19th, dress your best, because there are a lot of terrific surprises in store for you today, and you want to be dolled up for the part. On 24th, fun and romance go hand-in-hand. On 29th, you're ready to wrap up the month the way you started it -- with some really fiery romance. Explore every unexplored corner, and get in plenty of kissing while you're at it.


On 1st, you set your mind toward improving your health. By the 2nd, take at least one constructive step toward improving one aspect of your health. On the 6th and 7th, no matter how on you feel at work, try extra hard so you don't give up easily. On the 13th, go out for fruit juice cocktails with three or four of your favorite friends. Eat the pineapple garnish and make a wish. On 16th, spend the day thinking deep thoughts and the evening making them into jaw dropping realities. On 21st and 22nd, it looks like any project you partner up on will be a surefire success. By the 27th, romance is in the cards. On the 29th, how is the health routine.


On 1st, it's reckoning time. Chances are you've let your ego get in the way of some of your most important relationships. This month, it's time to rectify the situation. Maybe you need to take a time-out and spend some quality time with yourself. Be gentle and get to know your own weak spots. Only if you allow them to exist will you be able to nurture and heal them. A balance between steely strength and soft, tender loving kindness is what you need now. On 5th, check your relationships. Let others in your life know you're working on things. They should realize that you'll have a lot of explaining to do when you're strong enough. On 9th, consider talking to a therapist or other professional about your progress. Don't forget to discuss your hopes and dreams. On 13th, a bright, shiny ray of light breaks through. Cherish it and keep moving forward. On 19th, have some fun. By the 23rd, go ahead and indulge in a little romance carefully. By the 30th, do some drawing or painting.


'Keep cool' is your mantra, on 1st. If somebody steals your parking place, chant it over and over in your head (keep cool, keep cool). Your day and your month will go a lot better if you can keep your wits about your under pressure. On 4th and 5th, ego is not going to get you far with the authorities. Make your point, but do it humbly. On 9th, your intuition is spot on. By the 13th, it's budget-review time. Why not commit yourself to live within your means this month. Then, on 18th, you need to really examine a few emotional issues at a very deep level. But if you can't let go certain self-centeredness, you won't be able to do it well. On 20th and 21st, romance is in the cards, big time. By the 26th, an ego clash could rob you of a little peace of mind. Don't worry, it's empowering. Then, on 31st, take the evening off! There's too much in fighting at work, right now, for you to put in meaningful overtime.


On the 1st stop to think people will like you. Make your decision with logic. By the 5th, you will know the answer with public opinion out of the picture; you're clear to right and wrong. By the 10th, you'll be feeling slightly more introverted than. This is a good time to recharge for your deal with a challenge. On 14th and 15th are great days for you to look at an emotional issue deeply. Then around 20th, make sure you're sticking to your health routine extra carefully. If you haven't been, now's the time to start. On 26th and 27th, learn something new and have a great time doing it. End the month on the 30th with a night on the town with your friends.


On 1st, you'll socialize with the folks, but you'll finally open your ears and listen the folks around you are saying. On 5th, everything will be going right. On 10th, if somebody's out to get you, be sure you've got their number, and then call them on it. On 14th is the day for some serious romance. If it doesn't come to you, go to it. On the 19th, flexibility will make all difference, and on 23rd, somebody new will change your opinion. By the 26th, make sure your social status is what you want it to be. And on the 31st, end the month with an extremely loud and extremely positive bang.


On 1st, you'll achieve some exciting things, both at home and at work. Be sure to take some time to enjoy the sensation of getting what you've always wanted before you move on to the next thing. On 5th and 6th, romance could throw a wrench in your carefully constructed plans. By the 11th, you'll be ready for a new adventure, so get to it. On 15th and 16th, patience is a virtue you must practice. On 20th, follow up some body new which have interesting insight. Then, on 26th, your pride could get in the way if you left it. Around 30th, it's time to turn your attention to your finances. Think before spend.


On the 1st and 2nd, you will have a great combination with the people which you ever with. You two are like nail and finger. Even if it's just a just business partner, you guys are a perfect match. On 5th, don't be selfish but generous. Maintain balance into your interactions with the outside world. Then, on 10th, you will be proud of your health, but you should keep it as secret. On 16th, learn something new you'll like it. Focus in a couple of burning career desires on 18th. By the 22nd, your health will be affected because of the job you done is too terrible. On the 25th, your willpower can get your anywhere. On 29th rent a movie with a good friend. Finally, on the 30th, your intuition is so sharp, you'll have to take it slow or risk cutting yourself.


On the 1st and 2nd, you might have to watch your ego. After all, a healthy sense of self is an important to getting ahead in life. They reduce your long-term chances of achieving whatever is your really want. As the month begins, observe what arguments are worth undertaking and what points you can reasonably let go and change your plan accordingly. By the 6th and 7th, you're ready to commit to a health routine. Make sure you have a healthy life style. After all, if you enjoy it, you'll stick with it. By the 12th, you're surrounded creative mindset. Then, on 17th and 18th, listen to your peers. They have some very good idea for you. Around 22nd, you'll achieve something proud. Be sure to wear nicely to the celebration. On 29th it's time to look at a couple of old emotional issues. They feeling some unhealthy activity on the part of your ego? On 30th, don't let anything get in the way of a good time.


Beginning 1st you will find somebody keep on looking at you, he or she might be your ¡°angel¡±. On 3rd, you need to have some treatment to control your attitude. If you're feeling irritable on 8th, turn to creative work. It's the best way to channel your excess energies! Don't indulge on the 12th. Whether its food or an idea, you need to be disciplined. On the 14th, you impress somebody who isn't easily impressed. On 20th and 21st, check your budget. You know which direction you want to head in, so adjust accordingly. On 26th, you need to think about somebody else's feelings. Then, on 30th, take the next step and help this person out.


You should control your ego beginning the month, humble will make you have a good relationships with your friends. On the 9th and 10th, go ahead and spoil yourself a little -- make sure it's something that's good for you, such as scuba driving. On the 15th, you achieve something important. Romance keeps things interesting on the 20th. You're having a great time on the 25th with your lover. On the 30th, don't let a little complaint fester. On the 31st, keep your cool and you'll have a thoroughly enjoyable night.

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