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On the 1st, this is a very new year, a year when you take in all new stuff that you want and throw off all those old stuff that you have long wanted to. Be brave to try out new things, this is quite a day for you to think of it really, so, take a deep breath, think all over again, which old stuff in your mind that you want to delete, and which new things that you are happy to let them in, have courage! On the 5th, do the right thing and do the thing right. By the 9th and 10th, you are really up to something now, what do you learn? What do you want? On the 14th, feeling regret for dumping all those old things again? Ask to yourself this question again, do you still need them? Don't be silly to keep them as your years before. On the 19th, be kind to yourself, push a bit in awhile, new things are hard to accept, but it's sweet that you try them. On the 23rd, diet should be right, habit should be right, health is important, above everything. By the 28th, still troubled by the old stuffs in your mind? On the 31st, tonight is your night, end your month having fun a night out.


On the 1st, maybe there are some times that you doubt yourself, but you are in a right way, doní»t change your decision just because others think you are wrong, assured yourself that you are right. On the 5th, appreciate others for helping. The night of the 7th surprising events may let you feel the world that is so happy to live in, and things just keep getting better on the 8th and 9th. The 13th letters full of love may be in your inbox again, romance may be the topic you are pleased with. On the 17th, again there are signs of love everywhere, take them and feel them truly. On the 21st, is that all you want in your relationships? Ask yourself again, are you feeling enough of that, or do you want more from that relationship? On the 26th be careful not to show your back to your enemy. End the month, on the 29th, do not doubt yourself, and be very sure of your own feelings and everything around you.


On the 1st and 2nd, try finding help from friends when you are in need of it, they will be just happy to help, and you may be the one that really helping. On the 6th and 7th you may be startled to reveal such an occasion where you are living your dreams. Do you still remember that when you are young, you have those big dreams, where your parents are acting so supportive, but now, where are those yep, you can do it gone? And are you still aware of those dreams? A big car? A big house? Or being so famous that everyone can tell who you are and what you did. Until now, are you in your dreamed life? You can make it, determination and diligent will surely be so helpful. On the 13th, do not mind those who are jealous at your work, you just did what you had to, not to offend them or letting them think some stupid stuff, do not mind them! On the 17th, health is your main topic again, take good care of your health, and control your habits and diets. By the 21st and 22nd, be still in your partnership, you are not to please them in this relationships. On the 27th, be righteous. By the 31st, daydreaming may be very nice, but living them out may b nicer, so try it out.


On the 1st, you may be the one, the only one that is so clear to the situation and to the things need to be done, while everyone around you is like panicked by all sudden. You are like their savior, helping them their problems while leading them towards a better future. Ití»s such a curious day where you are fortunately bring to this world to guide and help, people keep coming to you. On the 2nd, 3rd and morning of the 4th, changes that bring joy to you, and the changes are in such a great impact to your life. On the 9th, decide properly and think deeply, or you will be cheated by a well dressed honest looking salesman. On the 14th, take in count your own business, ití»s much better you do not care of others storm in cup. On the 19th, be ready for problems that you doní»t want them to be presented in such a day, but after all, ití»s teaching you some lessons. On the 24th, your boss may be a bit too much, but be polite and listen well; he is after all, the person who pays you. On the 28th, wonder in your dreams, let your dream guide you, and rest in your daydream, ití»s healthy. On the 30th, something that you wanted had come true, have it and celebrate for it. End your month with a happy day.


The first day is such an incredible day, job are smooth, everything is great, romance is your another game at hand that you are so enjoying, what a fabulous day to be! Wait and enjoy this month, is your month to be in such luck. On the 4th and 5th, is that a replying love letter? How romantic things are going. By the 9th, you may have your dancing partner be the one that you have long waited for, and ití»s just so nice for you to have a night out with that person! On the 15th and 16th, remember to bring back in the debts people owe you. They have been too late recently; you doní»t want them to run away. Are you the one to be scolded days and dayí»s non-stop? You might be thinking to serve another boss or you your own be one. 26th, a day where your day dream is leading you to somewhere or something you long waited. Pay close attention to them. The 27th and 28th are even more awesome for you, feel the moments of joy. The 31th may not be a very special day, but you will learn some special news eventually.


Your mood will be as good as a king in this very happy summer, air is fresh, flower are blooming everywhere, your mood as well. And when you check out your mail, or your email, you may be surprised by such a letter from the one who sent it; ití»s just so lovely to receive such a letter at such a right time. The 6th and 7th, you will be happily enjoy the days with jogs and some exercise, why not swim in such a good weather? Ití»s just as the days are make for that. Let your body be really fit and healthy to enjoy these joyful moments. The 12th, you might be asking too much from others, they didní»t owe you that, are they? Try asking back yourself, what and why they owe you. On the 17th, if your boss is not helping you, try thinking again their suggestion or order, they are just doing what they should after all. The 21st is the time letting your mind fly through some fantasies and dreamland. By the 23rd and 24th, the days are just so right, everything is so in your favor, very special days indeed. The 30th, let your body have some nice rest, you are mentally well rest, but not physically, try and have some hot drinks before you dim your room to sleep.


On this day, you may feel everything is not in their usual way, everything, and everyone, just like you are still in your very unhappy mood from your dream. You may feel this way before, everything is just messed up, not in their ordinary order, your toothpaste had run out, the water supply has stop, your shirts are not iron, your hair gel is missing; everything is so unusually bad. You can try maintaining this day by controlling your moody mood and think from another view, if not this kind of stuffs happen to you, you caní»t enjoy those normal days. Maybe it is just not your day, so go to bed early, and by the time the 2nd rolls around, you'll be in much a better (and potentially romantic) mood. The universe is full of beauty and mystery, and you are tuned into both! The 6th should be a day you stand still in front of the people who keep bothering you for so long time, show them your guts and teach them a lesson. On the 12th, put your guard on today. And on the 16th, have a picnic or a stroll along the beach, enjoy the summer. On the 19th, accept some changes that is demanded, and changes are open and ready for you to accept them. On the 20th, 21st and 22nd, you will be feeling the blah moments again, but by the 27th, you'll be very tire and wear out, rest accordingly and have some hot drinks! And finally, try something in between fantasy and reality on the 31st; you will gain something from it.


Start this month with a real care for your health routine, it seemed you had neglecting your exercise and healthy diet for so long that your body started to protest. Stress is being clear that they are very hard to duel with, but you may vanquish it by just having some good and healthy habits. By the 5th, some long hidden trap had trapped you in the middle of your intimate relationships, seek them out and banish them once and for all. On the 10th, do not attempt to disobey your boss; they always have the final words to everything. After all, run a little in any place, you will be surprised that you are really enjoying it! The 15th and 16th, your daydream may hinting some valuable points, do note them down and think about them. Things will be going extremely well by the 17th and 18th, and on the 22nd, it looks like you may have a very ardent admirer. On the 27th, romance may be a very good idea to spend the day. On the 30th, be happy, doní»t worry, everything can be settled down.


See to it that there are chances that your partnerships are facing problems, if the partnerships are strong, you will make through it, if not, time for a break for this partnership. On the 5th and 6th, somebody may be thinking of putting you in a strange situation, so be prepared with your guards on. The 9th, there are your friends that await you, they are really helping out something, do let them know you appreciate their help. The 13th and 14th are great days, something strange may occupy you, but do not afraid about it, try and accept the changes and transformation, you will make fun of it. The 16th, a riddle for you to solve and showing off your talented brain, let them know you. On the 21st, have some rest, try some exercise, a yoga, a gym class, or even a nice little cat nap will just be fine. Eat a nice, wholesome dinner and you're sure to feel better afterwards. Day 25th Focus your work at hand, or you may be regret afterwards. Then, on the 30th, doní»t ruined up those that are letting you having fun with.


As the month begins, be calm and do not rush to decide anything, take your time to collect some information and ideas, accept suggestions, and consult to elderly, but doní»t make your decision until you have clearly identified everything at hand. On the 4th, what pop up in your mind may not be the right things to say it out; there may be some political issues that you do not want to have your hands on. Around the 9th, friends are in need of help, let them have it from you, go for it at all cost, you are to be the friend that show generosity to them. On the 11th and 12th, you had done something great indeed, so have a nice break and treat yourself better, not to say you are not treating yourself good often. By the 16th, romance will be the game you will win. Then, on the 19th and 20th, keep yourself fit and healthy for the coming days, you should be in good form to make some creative stuff, do not let sickness befallen your chance. On the 24th, doní»t be too free to help people in their relationships problems; they may already have their solutions in their mind, just wanted to share. On the 29th, be ready for challenges and unpredictable events, or they may cause u a lot to lose!


Wait for the right moment to do the right thing on this very first day. You can cultivate public opinion, when you put your mind to it. So go ahead and put your mind to it, now. There are some changes in this month 5th day, be prepared to it and open up yourself to grasp them. On the 7th and 8th the improvement are in your favor, good, be with it and be happy to have this work. On the 12th, there is a chance where you will find romance is such a good companion in your life, feel it and act upon it. Take a break and really ponder about your health problem, try and make a way to end your unhealthy habits, make them be far away from you, health is really an issue on this month 18th. The 23rd is all about finding a balance ĘC go to have a gym, or a yoga class, just make them happen. On the 28th, keep your cards close to your chest. Somebody will give you a big help on the 30th.


If a piece of good news comes your way on the 1st, take a moment to ask yourself which one of your friends helped you out, and remember to thank them. On the 15th, you should control yourself for not falling into day dreaming. Square up your accounts on the 20th ,find out the people that owe you things. You're in for a lucky day on the 25th. Avoid conflict if possible. On the 30th, get some exercise and then, on the 31st, you end the year on a fantastically up note!

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